On the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Secretariat of the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), HLC began copying the public archive of this court in February 2005 in order to create conditions for researchers, journalists, victims, victims’ family members, and interested individuals from the territory of the former Yugoslavia to have access to this valuable material. ICTY Archive represents a valuable source of information, which can help in initiating criminal proceedings against perpetrators of war crimes, triggering social dialogue about the past, and education of young people about the past.

HLC archive contains audio and video recordings of pending ICTY trials, as well as completed trials in BCS languages. Witness statements given in three cases [S.Milosevic, F.Limaj et al., V.Djordjevic M.Milutinović/Sainovic et al. and R.Haradinaj et al.] in the Albanian language are also preserved in the HLC archive.

Besides the audio and video recordings of trials, HLC Archive also contains documents, which were presented as exhibits in ICTY trials and which are located in the Judicial Data Base (JDB) [for instance witness statements, expert reports, orders, combat reports, and so forth].

In the period from 2005 until December, 2022, HLC transferred 9,742 trial days and 115.746 documents from the judicial data base into its own Archive. Video recordings of trials and documents are kept in DVD format.