International Conference on Digital Archives of Civil Society Organizations

International Conference on Digital Archives of Civil Society Organizations

DAC slikaThe Humanitarian Law Center in cooperation with the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation consortium is organizing a three-day international conference titled “Enhancing Sustainability of Civil Society Organizations for Digital Archiving”. The aim of this event is to support civil society organizations from around the world in developing their digital archives dedicated to systematic and mass violations of human rights.

The conference will be held from November 1st to 3rd, 2023, in Belgrade, with the participation of experts and representatives of organizations documenting human rights violations from more than 15 countries, including Argentina, Ukraine, Indonesia, Spain, Croatia, Sri Lanka and others. The diversity of participants and the social and political contexts in which these organizations engage in documenting and digital archiving of human rights violations will provide a variety of perspectives and enrich the discussions.

The conference is focused on strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations for digital archiving, and thus preserving documents and testimonies about mass human rights violations. An important aspect will be the exchange of experiences and expanding the network of organizations engaged in digital archiving of human rights violations worldwide. The conference will also present a manual for creating and maintaining digital archives of human rights organizations, which was developed in the previous phase of the project. As part of the event, a lecture will be delivered on the work of the Colombian Truth Commission.

This conference is part of the project “Supporting Civil Society Organizations in Digital Archiving“, within which a global network of civil society organizations dedicated to digital archiving of mass human rights violations has been created.