EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Exhibition „ICTY: the Kosovo Case 1998-1999“

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Exhibition „ICTY: the Kosovo Case 1998-1999“

kosovo-caseThe Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), in cooperation with the SENSE Center for Transitional Justice (Pula), the Documentation Center Kosovo, and Documenta – Center for Dealing with the Past, hereby invites you to the opening of the exhibition „ICTY: the Kosovo Case 1998-1999“. The opening will take place on March 19th 2018, at 7pm, at the Center for Cultural Decontamination (Birčaninova 21, Belgrade).

Through video materials and selected documents, this multimedia exhibition shows how crimes committed during the 1998-1999 armed conflict in Kosovo were investigated, reconstructed and prosecuted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). It presents facts about the crimes committed by Serbian military and police forces against the Albanian population in 1999, as well as the crimes of the KLA during 1998.

The exhibition will open with a discussion on how the investigation and trial in the Šainović et al. Case have been carried out, what has been established in respect of the responsibility of Serbia’s leadership for crimes in Kosovo, and who were the planners and perpetrators of the crime.

On the second day of the exhibition, a public lecture about the crimes of the KLA will be held, which, in addition to the facts established before the ICTY in the Haradinaj et al. and Limaj et al. Cases, will also clarify the answer to the question of why the KLA’s top commanders have not been convicted.

On the third day of the exhibition visit, a public lecture about the crimes of the Serbian forces in Kosovo will be held, which will show the development of the crisis in Kosovo and the facts established by the Court regarding the participation of Serb forces in crimes, and explain why it came to the conclusion that there was a joint criminal enterprise by Slobodan Milosević’s government the aim of which was the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo in 1999.

With an interview with Saranda Bogujevci on March 26, we will mark the 19th anniversary of the killing of 14 Albanian civilians in Podujevo on March 28, 1999. Saranda’s mother and brothers were killed on that day, whilst Saranda, then a 13-year-old girl, survived the massacre.

The exhibition will close on March 28, with the screening of the multi-award- winning film “Depth Two”.

During the exhibition, several accompanying events will be organized, open to all interested citizens.

The exhibition programme can be found here.