The sixteenth issue of the Bulletin “through ACCESSION towards JUSTICE”

The sixteenth issue of the Bulletin “through ACCESSION towards JUSTICE”

bilten_engOn July 11 2017, the mortal remains of 71 identified victims were buried in the Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial center. The youngest victim at the time of murder was 15 years old, and the oldest 72.

Two articles published in this issue of the bulletin through ACCESSION towards JUSTICE were written by the participants at the 8th School of Transitional Justice, in memory of the 71 victims buried this year, as well as in memory of the 6504 victims buried so far, and those victims for whose mortal remains we are still looking, and in honour of the persistence of their families who have spent the last 22 years in grief and despair. The Bulletin also gives an overview of court procedures conducted before the courts in Serbia for crimes committed against Bosniak civilians during July 1995 in and around Srebrenica. Only three cases have been conducted to date, one of which ended in a guilty plea bargain; in the second, the indictment has recently been dismissed, and in the third case, the trial chamber, despite the evidence proving the opposite, avoided linking the crime which was subject to the indictment to the events happening at that time in and around Srebrenica. The Column titled “Current Events” presents the manner in which Serbia remembered victims of the Srebrenica genocide this year.

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