Bulletin through ACCESSION towards JUSTICE

Bulletin through ACCESSION towards JUSTICE

bilten_engThe HLC has launched a number of activities by which it seeks to advance the process of dealing with past crimes in the context of the EU integration. Given the fact that the processes of dealing with the past have been pushed aside for years by Serbian institutions, the upcoming EU accession process represents a unique opportunity for putting the issue of the responsibility for war crimes on the agenda and incorporating transitional justice standards in the legal and institutional framework of the Republic of Serbia.

The newsletter wishes to underline how important it is for a country aspiring to join the community of European nations, but also for the EU itself, to initiate the process of dealing with the past. History has shown that unresolved issues of the past are always present, hampering the functioning of a political system, be it a state or a community of states.  Therefore, both the Republic of Serbia and the EU Members States have an obligation to secure a stable political and legal system for their citizens, a system governed by the rule of law, which will guarantee the protection of and respects for human rights of its citizens.

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