FHP-NP-012 FUND: Right to property, and claims for restoration of displaced persons’ tenancy rights

SUBFUND FHP-NP-012-1: Claims for Restoration of Tenancy Rights of Persons Displaced in Kosovo

SUBFUND  FHP-NP-012-2: Claims for Restoration of Tenancy Rights of Persons Displaced in Bosnia and Herzegovina

PERIOD: 1995-1996, 1999-2000

PRIMARY SOURCES: Family members whose property was forcibly confiscated and who were displaced from the territory of Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

VOLUME AND MEDIUM:  40 archival boxes

CONTENT: The Fund contains statements given by injured parties relating to the circumstances under which their movable and immovable property was confiscated; and they  are accompanied by various documents proving the right to the confiscated  property – personal identification cards, temporary residence registrations, agreements on exchange of real estate, decisions on modifications made in the cadastre, apartment lease agreements, apartment allocation decisions, copies of passports, court certificates, agreements on purchasing real estate, certificates of property rights registration requests, contracts on maintenance for life, title deeds, displaced persons’ identification documents,  decisions on paying fees for construction lots, records on evaluation of housing units, the gift of real estate agreements, copies of plans, copies of  certificates of title, decisions on permit to build an outhouse, official surveyor’s certificates.

ORGANIZATION SYSTEM:   According to the geographic principle, by municipalities

Additions to the Fund are not expected

LANGUAGES:  Serbian, Bosnian