Students of American University Visit HLC

“New School NYC” Post-graduate students at the International Relations Department visited the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) where they were introduced to the Kosovo Memory Book and the Initiative for RECOM projects.

HLC Director Nataša Kandić spoke about the register of individual victims ( in the period January 1, 1998 – December 31, 2000) including circumstances of their suffering that have been established  compiled under the title Kosovo Memory Book.She announced that the first volume covering the year of 1998 will be published and promoted in mid June.

Speaking about the Initiative for RECOM, Ms Kandić underlined that the most important thing is to establish facts about what had happened in the wars and to speak publicly about this.

“We do not have power to make media or intellectuals speak about the facts”, Kandić stated and added that  when Mladić was arrested media reported on the strawberries that he ate, his health, his neighbours, people who visited him, and they did not say a word about the indictment.” We think that RECOM will change this because victims’ names and what happened to them is what matters”, Ms Kandić concluded.