Law Students from Priština Monitor the Trial for Crimes Committed in Ćuška Village

Belgrade, March 28, 2011 – The Humanitarian Law Center made arrangements for law students from the University in Priština to visit Belgrade. During their stay in Belgrade they are monitoring the war crime trial of individuals charged with crimes committed in the Ćuška village in 1999 held before the War Crimes Trial Department of the High Court in Belgrade.

A group of students visited the Humanitarian Law Center in Belgrade where they learned about the creation of an individualized register of all victims who died during the conflict in Kosovo in the period from January 1, 1998 until December 2000. In addition to the register of victims’ names, the “Kosovo Memory Book“ project includes entries depicting circumstances preceding the suffering of victims. Volume one of the “Kosovo Memory Book” listing the names of victims who lost their lives in 1998 will be published in April, 2011. Guests from Priština emphasized that the opportunity to attend war crimes trials before a court in Serbia gave them an opportunity to get familiar with the course of trial proceedings and be able to evaluate the objectivity of the Serbian judiciary.

During their stay in Belgrade, eleven students from Priština will visit the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and learn about the activities of that organization.