Global Civil Society in the Region as an Architect of Transitional Justice

Belgrade, January 25 – Inspired by the globality of justice in the 21st century , the book “Global Civil Society in 2011” is focused on the manner in which global civil society recognizes and promotes the ideas of justice, and the strategies used by the civil society to fight against injustices that numerous people have to deal with.

In the presentation of this yearly magazine held at the Humanitarian Law Center, the associate author Dr. Iavor Rangelov, spoke about the globality of civil society that, among others, includes the possibility for a civil society not to be narrowed down to the borders of a nation or a region, but also to be able to address international institutions.

“The Initiative for RECOM is a good example. It does not communicate exclusively with the state, and not only with one state, but it gathers the civil society in the region, which is at the same time the promoter of transitional justice”, Dr. Rangelov, Global Security Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Co-Chair of the London Transitional Justice Network, said.

He added that what is important for these initiatives is that they take a “bottom-up” approach and they represent a force that makes it possible for civil society activities to rise above the regime, which is not the case at the moment.