We Should Know the Facts: Mrkonjić Grad, October 10, 1995

In the Croatian armed forces offensive on Mrkonjić Grad municipality on October 10, 1995, 480 Serbs were killed or disappeared. Up to this date, only 219 bodies were found and identified.

According to the data the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) obtained in March and April 1996 during the exhumation of bodily remains buried in the Orthodox Christian’s cemetery in Mrkonjić Grad, the remains of 181 were found in that location. On that occasion forensic experts identified 136 bodies: 34 civilians (nine women and 25 men) and 102 members of the Army of Republika Srpska. Seven unidentified bodies were in civilian clothes (two women and five men) and the remaining 38 unidentified bodies were in military uniforms.

Out of 136 identified bodies 25 were civilians between the age of 60 and 88 years. The oldest indentified male victim was Jovan Lazendić from Podbrdo, who was 91 years old when he was killed, and the oldest female victim was Ljubica Oroz from the village of Bočac, Mrkonjić Grad municipality, who was killed at the age of 90.