Human Rights Action: Press release on the latest attack on Slobodan Pejović

The Montenegrin police are responsible for the security of the life and property of Slobodan Pejović, a key witness in the case of a war crime committed against refugees in 1992, and a man who with his testimony about this crime has saved the honour of the Montenegrin police, which we believe future generations will know how to value.

A series of uninvestigated attacks on the life and property of Slobodan Pejović, which began when he refused to participate in the crime of arresting refugees in 1992 and which have continued even after he retired from the police force in 1994, demonstrate the negligence of the police and the power of the criminals that continue with impunity to threaten Slobodan Pejović. In this way the state sends the message that there will be negative consequences for all who decide to inform on criminals and help to establish some kind of justice.

Human Rights Action appeals to the responsible state organs to provide Slobodan Pejović with security measures in accordance with the witness protection programme adopted on the basis of the Law on the Protection of Witnesses from 2004.

Today we again appeal to international organizations to pressure the state organs of Montenegro to ensure there is a serious investigation into the recent attacks on Slobodan Pejović, and so that security measures are put in place to protect him and his family.

For Human Rights Action

Tea Gorjanc-Prelević

Programme Director
Podgorica, Montenegro