Report on war crime trials in Serbia in 2012

You can download the Report on War Crime Trials in Serbia in 2012 here.


HLC participation in war crimes prosecutions in Serbia

In 2003, the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) strongly supported the establishment of the Prosecutor’s Office and the judicial councils for war crimes in Serbia. In the absence of communication and cooperation among the countries in the region, the HLC facilitated support from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia for the first first trial for war crimes committed in Croatia (the Ovcara case). By the end of 2011, as many as 70 victims and witnesses from other countries had testified before the Higher court in Belgrade at the HLC’s invitation. The HLC handed a video recording of the execution of Muslims from Srebrenica to the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor (OWCP), based on which the OWCP pressed charges against members of the Scorpions police unit. The HLC enabled the families of victims from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo to monitor trials. The HLC represented, and continues to represent, victims’ families in every major war crimes case before trial chambers of the Higher Court in Belgrade – War Crimes Department.


Material reparation for human rights violations committed in the past

Objavljen je izveštaj Fonda za humanitarno pravo „Materijalne reparacije za povrede ljudskih prava u prošlosti”. Izveštaj se bavi praksom sudova u Srbiji u procesima sticanja prava na reparacije žrtava i porodica žrtava kršenja ljudskih prava. Dokument možete preuzeti ovde.

The Humanitarian Law Center published the report “Material Reparations for Human Rights Violations Committed in the Past”. The report deals with the court practice in Serbia in proceedings for exercising the right of victims and family members of victims of human rights violations. You may download the document here.


Reports on war crimes trials in the Republic of Serbia 2010


In this document you can find:

  • Report on trials for war crimes and ethnically motivated crimes in Serbia 2010.
  • Analysis of procedures and court decisions in the case of Suva Reka
  • Report on irregularities in war crimes proceedings in the Republic of Serbia 

You may download the integral document here.


CE Commissioner for HR Mr Hammarberg’s Report – Serbia 2011


Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg and his delegation visited Serbia from 12 to 15 June 2011. In the course of this visit the Commissioner held discussions with representatives of the Serbian authorities and intergovernmental organisations, as well as with members of civil society. The present Report focuses on the following major issues: post-war justice and reconciliation (section I); fight against discrimination (section II); and freedom of the media, access to public information and personal data protection (section III). Each section is accompanied by the Commissioner’s conclusions and recommendations.

Download report in PDF


Irregularities and Abuse of Power in War Crimes Proceedings in the Republic of Serbia

Irregularities and Abuse of Power in War Crimes Proceedings in the Republic of Serbia , exmple: Case of the 37th Battalion of Special Police Units-, Confidential Report of  November 15, 2010, released on March,10, 2011.


Trials for war crimes and ethnically and politically motivated crimes in post-Yugoslav countries

In 2008, the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) monitored all trials held in Serbia for war crimes, murders and other criminal offences committed in the context of armed conflicts, all trials conducted in Kosovo for war crimes and ethnically or politically motivated criminal offences and selected war crimes trials in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of regional cooperation on monitoring war crimes trials before national courts.