Public lecture about Lovas

Public lecture about Lovas

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On October 18th 1991, Serbian Army volunteers led by Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) officers forced fifty Croats from Lovas near Vukovar to go to a minefield near the village. On the way to the minefield,
members of the Serb forces killed one of the detained Croat soldiers. When they came to the minefield, the remaining detainees were forced to enter it and clean the ground with their own feet in order to clear it of mines.

At least one mine exploded, while members of the Serbian forces opened fire, killing 20 detainees, and wounding 12 of them.

This incident was preceded by the psychological and physical torture over several days of local Croatians from Lovas, the deliberate destruction of their houses, killings, detentions and discrimination, such as forcing them to wear white armbands or marking their houses with white fabrics.

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the suffering of the inhabitants of Lovas, the Humanitarian Law Center invites you to a public lecture about these incidents in and around Lovas occurring in the autumn of 1991, as well as about the course of court proceedings in Serbia since 2007.

The lecture will be held by the legal representative of the victims, lawyer Marina Kljaić.

This public lecture will be held at the library of the Humanitarian Law Center (Dečanska 12/III), on October 18, 2017, starting at 18:00.

The lecture will be held in local (BCS) languages.