Regional School of Transitional Justice – Journal

Regional School of Transitional Justice – Journal

post_zbornik_IIThe selected papers written by the students of the third generation of the Regional School of Transitional Justice have been gathered in the third issue of the Journal of Papers. The student papers published in this issue deal with topics related to the process of transitional justice in post-Yugoslav countries, including war crimes trials, victims’ right to reparation and reconciliation.

Two papers focus on war crimes trials and criminal justice. Adisa Fišić has analyzed in her paper the problem of the consequences which United Nations immunity has as regards the preservation of human rights, through an analysis of the Srebrenica case, whilst Nasir Muftić has made a case study of the trial of Veselin Batković conducted before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the crimes committed in the Sarajevo suburb of Grbovica during the 1992-1995 war. Mirza Hebib has analyzed the topic of conflict and post-conflict relations between the towns of Dubrovnik and Trebinje. The paper authored by Miodrag Pantović focuses on the issue of reparation in Serbia, with a case study of the compensation lawsuits filed for compensation of the damages suffered by Bosniaks imprisoned in Serbia in the camps of Šljivovica and Mitrovo Polje. Đorđe Bojović analyzes the role of youth in the process of dealing with the past in Serbia, and contribution by the young to the reconciliation process in the region.

The Regional School for Transitional Justice is a ten-day programme of informal education about instruments for dealing with the past and the strategy of transitional justice. As part of the School, the students have an opportunity to analyze topics about out-of-court mechanisms for establishing facts about past crimes, court proceedings before the ICTY, the right of victims of human rights violations to reparation, institutional reform, the contribution made by archives, the media and art in establishing truth and responsibility, the culture and conflict of memory, and the reconciliation process in post-conflict societies.

Here, you can read the “The Journal of Papers written by the students of the Regional School of Transitional Justice #3”.