Podujevo 1999 – Beyond Reasonable Doubt

The book in front of you portrays the court truth about the responsibility of Saša Cvjetan, charged with the war crime against civilian population committed on 28 March 1999 in Podujevo, Kosovo. The documents, chronologically sorted, show how a trial, initiated on a factually incomplete and selective indictment, grew into a serious process against denial, lies, and impunity.

The great merit in this process belongs to Judge Biljana Sinanović who was led in this proces exclusively by the law, as well as to the surviving children, whose words in the courtroom we listened to with the feeling of shame not being able to look them in the eye.

Evidence adduced in the proceedings, which are presented in this book, unambiguously show Saša Cvjetan’s individual responsibility, but also the fact that he is not the exclusive perpetrator of this act. Thanks to the witness-insider, other “Scorpions” members, who participated in the commission of this crime, were listed in the court documents presented in this book and nobody can help them avoid the criminal liability.

You can download the publication here.