Award of the festival “Days of Sarajevo in Belgrade” went to Nataša Kandić

Second day of the festival ‘Days of Sarajevo in Belgrade’ in Cultural Centre of Belgrade an award of the festival was given to human rights activist Nataša Kandić.

Nataša Kandić is a Serbian human rights activist and the founder and executive director of the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), an organisation campaigning for human rights and reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia, which she formed in 1992. The HLC’s research was integral to the war crimes prosecutions of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, particularly the “smoking gun” video linking Serbian military forces to the Srebrenica massacres. Kandić has won numerous international awards for her human rights work, but is also a figure of controversy in her home country.

With her work she tried to bring the region to reconciliation and cooperation.

The award of ‘Days of Sarajevo in Belgrad’ was given as a support to one of the most significant ideas of post-conflict mechanisms for transitional justice who creator is Kandić herself.