Trials for War Crimes and Ethnically Motivated Crimes in Serbia in 2010

In its first part, the report discusses war crimes trials conducted before courts in Serbia starting with a short presentation of general characteristics of these proceedings. This is followed by the overview of the trials in which the Humanitarian Law Center represented victims and it contains the analysis of the proceedings in each individual case. The following part of the report contains an overview of the trials in which the HLC monitored the main hearing. There is a special text in the report, which contains an analysis of the proceedings and court decisions in Case Suva Reka. The last part of the report deals with the irregularities in the prosecution of war crimes in Serbia, i.e. with problems of the witnesses and the threats to their personal security in the case of members of the 37th Special Police Units Detachment, who have been indicted for war crimes committed in Kosovo during 1998 and 1999.

You can download the document here.