Students from New York Visit Humanitarian Law Center

A group of students from The New School for Public Engagement from New York visited the Humanitarian Law Center. The students will stay in the region for two months during which they will do internships in non-governmental organizations and state institutions in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Albania. Sandra Orlović, the HLC Deputy Executive Director, Dušan Jovanović, a member of the HLC team working on the identification of perpetrators of war crimes, and Katarina Janković, who is in charge of the HLC Outreach activities, talked to the students.

After the opening address about the history and the projects of the HLC, the students expressed their interest in the research method utilized by the HLC in the research of war crimes and the objectives and challenges standing before the RECOM Initiative. During the discussion, they talked about the manner in which the educational system treats the topics of the recent wars. They also discussed about how much the issues of human rights were present in the recent electoral campaign, how human rights organizations fight to reveal the truth, and how Serbian judiciary operates when it comes to the prosecution of war crimes.