Natasa Kandic and Veton Suroi receive another joimy award

Natasa Kandic, Executive Director of the Humanitarian Law Center, a Belgrade-based human rights and humanitarian law organization, and Veton Suroi, founder and editor-in-chief of the Kosovo Albanian-language Koha Ditore daily, are the recipients of this year’s award of the US National Endowment for Democracy. The award, given in recognition of their commitment to the development of democracy, will be presented to them at a ceremony on Capitol Hill, Washington, on 3 May. Laureates of the award include Vesna Pesic (1993), Martin Lee (1997) and Wei Jingsheng (1998).

The National Endowment for Democracy award is the second given jointly to Ms Kandic and Mr Suroi.  They received this year’s Geuzen Medal at The Hague earlier this month.