War Crimes Prosecutor supports RECOM initiative

b92The Republic of Serbia War Crimes Prosecutor supports the initiative to form a commission mandated to investigate facts about war crimes (RECOM).

“As the only institutional representative of victims, the prosecutor speaks in favour of audio and video recording in the court because it is convinced that the purpose of justice is that it is seen to be done”, carried the Prosecutor’s press release delivered to the Beta news agency.

In order to create an atmosphere of reconciliation and public compassion for the suffering of victims and their families justice must be efficiently done and it must be seen to be done, said the prosecutor.

“The positions and goals raised at the consultation about RECOM with media representatives from Serbia and the region in Novi Sad – that victims of war crimes and their families should have an opportunity for their voices to be heard is one of the most important principles of the Republic of Serbia War Crimes Prosecutor,” said the prosecutor.

The coalition of non-governmental organizations and individuals which advocates the establishment of RECOM has since 2006 organized various kinds of consultations in the region with the aim of obtaining support for the initiative. The Consultation with media representatives and intellectuals was held on Friday and Saturday [September 25th and 26th] in Novi Sad.

The coalition had previously announced that the initiative for the establishment of RECOM, together with one million signatures of citizens from the region, will be presented to Parliaments of the successor states to the former Yugoslavia by the end of 2010.

The coalition will request that the authorities in the successor states to the former Yugoslavia jointly form a regional commission so that war victims finally obtain satisfaction for their pain.