The Lesson of Orahovac: The International Administration in Kosovo Encourages Violence Against Serbs

During NATO’s bombing campaign, Yugoslav Army (VJ) units from Nis and Leskovac, Serbian police (MUP) units from Kraljevo and Pirot, Russian mercenaries, and volunteers from Serbia and Republika Srpska were stationed in Orahovac. Between 220 and 250 Albanian families were ordered out of Orahovac by the police and the Army. About 1,000 Muslims from Orahovac left town in fear. Sixty Albanians were mobilized by force. Twenty-five Albanians were in custody on 1998 charges of terrorism and subversive activity. The approximately 17,000 Albanians who remained in Orahovac spent the time from March 24 until KFOR’s arrival hiding in their homes from Serbian police, army troops and paramilitaries.

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