FHP-ST-009 FUND: Court documents from trial of soldiers of the Republic of Srpska Army for the abduction and murder of civilians from the train in Štrpci

PERIOD: 1993 -1997

PRIMARY SOURCE: District Court in Belgrade (Serbia), Higher Court in Bijelo Polje (Montenegro), Commission of the Government of Montenegro for Collection of Information about Abduction of Passengers from  Train 671 in Štrpci, various newspapers


VOLUME AND MEDIUM: 2 archival boxes

CONTENTS: The fund contains documents from the separate trials of Milan Lukić and Nebojša Ranisavljević, members of a paramilitary formation which, during the armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, attacked a train of the Yugoslav Railways in the village of Štrpci, from which, in violation of international humanitarian law, they abducted civilians, whom they executed, thus committing a war crime against the civilian population

ORGANIZATION SYSTEM: Chronologically, by date

The fund is not expected to grow



Box no. 1

• Case of Milan Lukić – criminal complaint, examination records, verdict, decision on dismissal of the Defence Counsel’s appeal – District Court in Belgrade, the Supreme Court of Serbia
• Slučaj Ranisavljević – court documents (investigation order, records from the main trial, witness examination records, appeals, verdicts) – Higher Court in Bijelo Polje (Republic of Montenegro)

Box no. 2

• Strictly confidential material of the ŽTP
• Documents of the Commission for the Collection of Information about the Abduction of Passengers on Train 671 in Štrpci, established by the Parliament of Montenegro
• Various memoranda relating to the abduction of passengers
• Petitions for help and various memoranda by family members of the kidnapped (1993 – 1996)
• Newspaper articles – deportation of refugees, Case of Milan Lukić, abductions
• Powers of attorney
• Miscellaneous