Diplomas of Transitional Justice School Awarded to First Generation Students


BELGRADE, December 10th, 2011 – On Saturday December 10th, 2011, the Human Rights Day, the first generation of Transitional Justice School students completed the lectures and received diplomas.

Students and graduates of humanities, civic education teachers, and human rights activists attended lectures on transitional justice mechanisms and court established facts about war crimes on the territory of the former Yugoslavia for ten weeks. The desire for knowledge and facts brought to this school not only people from Belgrade who were interested in lectures, but also people from Novi Sad and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who regularly attended presentations given by the lecturers.

The students had an opportunity to hear about the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, truth commissions, RECOM initiative, reparations, the role and the importance of archiving and documenting, as well as about judicially established facts about war crimes committed in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo.

The Executive Director of the Humanitarian Law Center, Nataša Kandić, welcomed the students, while Jelena Krstić, the School Program Coordinator, expressed her contentment with the interest that the students had shown for the topic of transitional justice, and the lecturers, who were devotedly trying to relay their knowledge to students. At the end, when giving out diplomas, Jelena Krstić also stressed that this ceremony was dedicated to the Human Rights Day, but she also asked the students to act as if every other day in the year was the human rights day.