Report of the Testimony of Natasa Kandic at the trial of F. Hartmann

The French journalist Florence Hartmann, a former spokesperson of the prosecutor’s office of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, is charged with “knowingly and wilfully interfering with the administration of justice by disclosing information in violation of an order of the Appeals Chamber dated 20 September 2005 and an order of the Appeals Chamber dated 6 April 2006, through means of authoring for publication a book entitled Paix et Châtiment, and by authoring for publication an article entitled “Vital Genocide Documents Concealed.”

In these controversial texts, Florence Hartmann criticized the decision of the Appeal Court of the ICTY which assigned the transcripts of the 1990s Supreme Defence Council of the SFRY, which it is believed contain evidence about the participation of the Serbian state institutions in the Srebrenica genocide, the status of confidential, i.e. not accessible to the public.

The trial of Hartmann, on charges of contempt of court, began June 15th 2009 before the ICTY.

One of the defence witnesses was the executive director of the Humanitarian Law Center, Nataša Kandić, who gave testimony before the ICTY on June 16th 2009, and again on July 1st 2009.

A report (in Serbian) of the testimony of Nataša Kandić in the trial of Florence Hartmann can be downloaded here.