The attack on those returning to their homes in Kosovo is an act against all Kosovo citizens

The HLC office in Kosovo (HLC-K), strongly condemns the attack on Milorad Pavlovic who returned to his home in Klina. It is clear that the goal of this attack is to stop the process of return of Serb families to Klina which has been successful so far, thus preventing the Serbs to return to areas where they lived before.

At around 19.45 on September 19, 2006, a loud explosion was heard in the apartment of Milorad Pavlovic, in an apartment building in Mehdi Morina Street in Klina. At the time of explosion, Milorad, his mother Jelena, his wife, and his cousin Dragica Raicevic were in the apartment. All four of them were injured while Milorad sustained serious injuries. Their neighbor, a physician who lives one floor up, said to the HLC-K: “It was around 19:40 when we heard a loud explosion. Everything in our apartment was shaking and we were really scared. Soon after, my soon called the police and they came together with an ambulance in less than five minutes. I saw the Pavlovic family being taken out of their home. Milorad had a head injury and his mother was carried out on a stretcher.” The police evacuated the whole building after that.

The Pavlovic family was one of the first families to return to Klina. They came back to their apartment on April 19, 2005 and they did not have any particular issues. The HLC-K investigators talked to Milorad Pavlovic as soon as May 9, 2005 and, on that occasion, he was reported as saying: “We go out, we go downtown, we can shop at every store. We have had no problems whatsoever. I often go the Town Hall and I am treated the way I should be. I once went to the Municipal Court to pick up a document. I speak Albanian well. I spoke to a clerk in Albanian and he told me very kindly to wait a bit. Soon after I finished what I came to do and went home.”