Presentation of the register of killed and missing in Peć/Pejë

More than 140 family members of victims of the conflict in Kosovo in 1999 attended the presentation of data on the killed and missing in the municipality of Peć/Pejë organized by the Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo (HLC Kosovo) on November 25th 2009.


Supported by the Municipal Assembly of Peć/Pejë, the presentation was held in the hall of the Municipal Assembly, and the audience was first addressed by Sylqa Ali, Mayor of Peć/Pejë, who thanked HLC Kosovo for organizing the meeting with the families of those killed and missing and wished success in the future work.


The HLC Kosovo Head of Office, Bekim Blakaj, explained that the purpose of the register of killed and missing was the creation of a permanent record of all the victims that will serve as a warning to future generations so that such crimes that were committed in the past will never happen again. Afterwards Bekim Blakaj presented the statistical data contained in the HLC Kosovo’s database on the killed and missing in the municipality of Peć/Pejë and its environs.


After the presentation, families of the victims had the opportunity to verify the information about their loved ones contained in the database. In addition they gave HLC Kosovo 163 forms with additional information about the victims, as well as a large number of photographs and other documentation for the database.

At the following link you can download the PDF document with the presentation (in Serbian) of data on the killed, missing and killed during in the municipality of Peć/Pejë.