Presentation of the record of killed and missing in Prizren/Prizren

More than 130 family members of the killed, dead and missing in the municipality of Prizren, attended the presentation of data on those killed, missing and victims in the municipality of Prizren/Prizren, organized by the Humanitarian Law of Kosovo (HLC Kosovo) on October 28th 2009.


At the beginning of the presentation, which was supported by the Municipal Assembly of Prizren/Prizren and held in the premises of the municipality, the public was first addressed by Reshat Mehmeti from the Directorate for Health and Social Welfare. On behalf of the municipality of Prizren, he wished HLC – Kosovo successful work and expressed hope that the efforts of HLC – Kosovo researchers would result in new information about the bodies of the missing during the war, which will provide great relief for their loved ones.


The Head of Office of HLC – Kosovo, Bekim Blakaj, thanked the family members who came in such a great number to the presentation and who expressed a willingness to review information about their relatives which is in the HLC’s database. He then presented the statistics on the killed, dead and missing victims in the municipality of Prizren and environs, as well as the database and the method of archiving and data processing that HLC – Kosovo uses.


After this presentation, family members of the victims checked the information about their family members in the database. During the checking process, HLC – Kosovo researchers collected 168 forms containing information about the victims, as well as a large number of photographs and other relevant documents.

On the following link you can download the complete presentation of the record of killed, missing and killed in the municipality of Prizren (PDF, in Serbian).