Presentation of the Meja/Mejë register of killed or missing people.

On April 27th, 1999, Serbian forces killed or separated out of a refugee column 384 Albanians in the villages of the Caragojs valley, and deported other locals to Albania. The Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) presented data on those who were killed or went missing in the Đakovica/Gjakovë Municipality in Meja/ Mejë.


The data on victims killed in Bistražin/Bishtazhin on April 14th 1999, when NATO bombed a column of Albanian refugees was also presented on this occasion.


More than 80 family members of persons who were killed or disappeared on April 27th 1999 in Meja/Mejë, Korenica/Korenicë, Bistražin/Bishtazhin, Dobroš/Dobrosh and other villages attended the presentation held at the Vendlindja restaurant in Meja/Mejë.


They all verified personal data on their loved ones for accuracy, and some of them delivered photographs and photocopies of personal documents of their family members to HLC.

Click on the following link to download the complete presentation of the register of killed and missing from Meja/Mejë (in Serbian).

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