The Humanitarian Law Center possesses a specialized library, with the purpose of collecting and preserving materials relating to transitional justice, dealing with the past and humanitarian law, as well as history, sociology, and other associated areas of interest. In addition, its funds also contain memoirs, essays, reports by various organizations, transcripts from conferences, testimonies, documentaries, etc. The library allows HLC employees, researchers, and students to find necessary literature and information relating to publications from these areas.

The library fund has 5,196 titles (5,432 physical copies).  According to the type of publications, the library has: 4,006 monographs (4,235 copies), 981 copies of serial publications and magazines, 33 titles on 40 CD and DVD editions, and 176 copies.

The library has become a part of the electronic bibliographic and library database named COBISS, and its funds may be searched on the Internet:

The library also creates bibliographies of books used by HLC researchers offering them an overview of literature on specific topics (located in the HLC library). Three bibliographies listing publications relating to the topics of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia, with a special focus on war crimes and human rights violations during armed conflicts, have been created so far. Besides these topics, they also contain theoretical and literary works of authors from these areas.