Opening of First Regional Transitional Justice School

The first Regional Transitional Justice School was opened on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013. Sandra Orlović, Executive Director of the Humanitarian Law Center, stated at the School’s opening ceremony that fact-finding about the past is important because it represents a way to become immune to myths, which always precede new wars. An understanding of the past also helps with our understanding of the present society and some universal topics and that is the symbolic way of paying our respects to all victims and acknowledge their sufferings.


Diplomas Awarded to Second Generation of Transitional Justice School Students

On Monday December 10th, 2012, namely the International Human Rights Day, the diplomas were awarded to the second generation of the Transitional Justice School students.


Patrick Ball gave a lecture to students of the Transitional Justice School

Patrick Ball from the Benetech organization Human Rights Data Analysis Group held a lecture to the students of the Transitional Justice School on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012. Patrick Ball spent 20 years creating databases and implementing quantative analyses of the gathered data on human rights violations for the purposes of truth commissions, non-governmental organizations, and international missions of the United Nations in El Salvador, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Peru, East Timor, Kosovo, and other countries.


Transitional Justice School Begins

The second generation of the Transitional Justice School was launched on Saturday, October 13th, 2012, at the premises of the Humanitarian Law Center. The Programme Coordinator, Marijana Toma, opened the school in the presence of some forty students. Throughout the following  two months, students will have an opportunity to hear lectures about  topics related to transitional justice: war crimes trials before local courts and the International Court in The Hague, truth commissions, the RECOM Initiative, the significance of documenting and archiving, and reparations. 


Diplomas of Transitional Justice School Awarded to First Generation Students


BELGRADE, December 10th, 2011 – On Saturday December 10th, 2011, the Human Rights Day, the first generation of Transitional Justice School students completed the lectures and received diplomas.


Škola tranzicione pravde

Skola-tranzicione-pravdeFond za humanitarno pravo 

Škola tranzicione pravde je neformalni program obrazovanja o instrumentima za suočavanje sa prošlošću. Polaznici Škole slušaće predavanja o sudskim procesima pred Haškim tribunalom i nacionalnim sudovima za ratne zločine, vansudskim mehanizmima za utvrđivanje činjenica o zločinima iz prošlosti i pravu na reparacije.