Human Losses of Serbia and Montenegro during the NATO bombardment

In the period from March 24, 1999 to June 9, 1999, during the NATO bombing campaign, 758 individuals lost their lives in air raids: 488 individuals in Kosovo (249 Albanians, 202 Serbs, and 37 Roma and members of other ethnic groups), 260 individuals in Serbia, and 10 in Montenegro. Among these, 453 are civilian victims (220 Albanians, 205 Serbs, 28 Roma and members of other ethnic groups) and 305 are members of the armed forces (276 members of the Yugoslav Army and MUP Serbia and 29 KLA members). This information is based on 1,468 documents and 539 statements of witnesses and victims’ family members.

Here you can see list of human losses during NATO bombing (Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro)

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