Ethnic Communities in Kosovo in 2006

The report relates to the period January-December 2006, coinciding with the Vienna talks on the future status of Kosovo between the Serbian Government and Kosovo Negotiations Team. Given the circumstances, the monitoring of respect for the human rights of ethnic communities is an activity of the utmost importance.



A Documentary Film by the Humanitarian Law Center – The Scorpions, a Home Movie

“This, in fact, was the strength of the Scorpions, all the family ties.  […]  We all had family ties and were old friends from school.” – says Dusko Kosanovic, aka Owl, former memeber of the Scorpions.


Victim/Witness Counselling and Legal Representation: a Model of Support – Project implementation report

In the period following the toppling of Slobodan Milošević, the transitional government supported domestic war crimes trials, but it soon became clear that serious impediments existed. Police was not willing to share its data on war crimes perpetrators with prosecutors, primarily because most of them belonged to the police. On the other hand, prosecutors and judges were not able to secure victims’ participation in war crimes trials because of their mistrust in Serbian institutions.


Natasa Kandic, one of the sixty heroes of the “Time” magazine

On November 13, 2006, the European “Time” magazine published a special edition titled “Sixty Years of Heroes”, with 60 names of those who, by the Time’s standards, have been influencing our lives since 1946. Natasa Kandic, the Humanitarian Law Centre Executive Director was named one of them.


Natasa Kandic Recognised by the President of Croatia

Natasa Kandic, HLC Executive Director, received the Medal of Danica of Croatia on November 7, 2006. This recognition was awarded to Ms Kandic by the President of the Republic of Croatia Stjepan Mesic. She was recognised as an individual who, through her work and commitment, contributed to advancement of moral values.

Ms Kandic received the medal at the Croatian residence in Belgrade from H.E. Mr Tonci Stanicic, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Serbia, who noted that Natasa Kandic “is the first person to establish contact with the victims following armed conflicts and their horrors.” “She demonstrated to Croats as well as everyone else in the region that crimes have no nationality and that one can speak about the crimes committed by others only once they clean up their own back yard,” added Ambassador Stanicic.


Prijedor 1992: Van osnovane sumnje

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