Presentation of the list of killed and missing detainees in Dubrava

On 29th May 2010 HLC Kosovo presented the results of the record of killed and missing in the Dubrava prison between May 16th and May 23th 1999. The presentation, held at the Prishtinё/Priština municipal assembly, was attended by the over 50 family members of the killed and missing and ex prisoners who have survived from Dubrava prison.

At the beginning of presentation ex prisoner Mr. Mustafa Kolgeci has addressed to the audience sharing his experience from the mass killing in Dubrava prison. After him the executive director of HLC, Mrs. Natasa Kandic, took the flour informing the audience that HLC has issued criminal charge ex director of Dubrava prison on the court.

Families of victims gave HLC Kosovo small number of photographs of the victims and other important documentation. Also, family members of victims filed out 21 forms with exact personal data’s of victims.

Presentation (in Serbian) of the list of killed and missing detainees in Dubrava.