HLC receives award for fight against discrimination

nagrada_2014The Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) has received an award for its contribution to the fight against discrimination during 2014. The award is given by the Coalition for the Fight Against Discrimination as an acknowledgment of individuals, organizations, institutions, companies, and media, who have made the greatest efforts in the fight against discrimination against minority and marginalized groups during the year, or who have contributed to the development of the equality of all citizens in Serbia.


International “Hrant Dink” Award Presented to Nataša Kandić

The “Hrant Dink” Award was presented on Sunday, September 15th in Istanbul to Nataša Kandić, the founder of the Humanitarian Law Center and the Regional Coordinator for RECOM. This award is presented to individuals, non-profit organizations or groups who work for a fairer world without discrimination, racism or violence – to those people who devote themselves to these ideals, fight stereotypes, and use the language of peace, and thus inspire and give hope to others.


Award of the festival “Days of Sarajevo in Belgrade” went to Nataša Kandić

Second day of the festival ‘Days of Sarajevo in Belgrade’ in Cultural Centre of Belgrade an award of the festival was given to human rights activist Nataša Kandić.


Nataša Kandić – Civil Rights Defender of the Year 2013

Nataša Kandić, founder of Humanitarian Law Center, Serbia, is the recipient of the 2013 “Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award”. Nataša Kandić receives the prize:


Nataša Kandić awarded Peace Prize

Nataša Kandić has become the first laureate of the Kosovo Institute for Peace (KIP) Peace Prize.  During the award ceremony held in Prishtina on November 20, 2012, Ramadan Ilazi, the KIP executive director, stated that the accolade is bestowed in recognition of exceptional work on reconciliation in the Balkans.


Kandić, Teršelič and Tokača, Schwarzkopf Europe Prize Winners

Nataša Kandić, the Executive Director of the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) was awarded the annual Schwarzkopf Europe Prize this year, along with Vesna Teršelič, the Leader of Documenta from Zagreb, and Mirsad Tokača, the Director of the Research and Documentation Centre from Sarajevo.


Nataša Kandić awarded the title of Contributor to Peace

In recognition of Ms. Kandić’s excellence, dedication and achievements in the field of human rights as a true advocate and protector of human rights and freedoms, Civil Society of Ferizaj bestowed on Ms. Kandic the title: Contributor to Peace and Protector of Freedom.

This award was handed to Ms. Kandić on June 14th 2009 in Ferizaj/Urosevac.

“Ms. Kandić’s role has been fundamental to enhancing tolerance, equality, democracy and understanding among human races. Her sacrifices and tireless work is an inspiration to the younger generation. Ms. Kandić is an archetype and an icon of freedom”, reads the letter from the Civil Society of Ferizaj, signed by Albulena Sadiku.


Natasa Kandic, one of the sixty heroes of the “Time” magazine

On November 13, 2006, the European “Time” magazine published a special edition titled “Sixty Years of Heroes”, with 60 names of those who, by the Time’s standards, have been influencing our lives since 1946. Natasa Kandic, the Humanitarian Law Centre Executive Director was named one of them.

Heroes are grouped into three categories: “Rebels and Leaders”, “Business and Culture”, and “Inspirations and Explorers”. As Catherine Mayer, the editor-in-chief of the “Time” magazine put it “these persons are our heroes and in this special edition we celebrate them and their work”. (http://www.time.com/time/europe/hero2006/opener.html).

Natasa Kandic is entered into the “Inspirations and Explorers” category together with princess Diana, Bernard Kouchner, Pope John Paul II, Christiane Amanpour, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Mother Teresa and others.

An article is written about each hero by a well know person from the field in which they act. Chief Prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Carla del Ponte says in her article (http://www.time.com/time/europe/hero2006/kandic.html that Natasa Kandic is a tireless human rights defender and the she is especially “impressed and inspired” by her courage, straightforwardness, and concern for each and every victim.


Natasa Kandic Recognised by the President of Croatia

Natasa Kandic, HLC Executive Director, received the Medal of Danica of Croatia on November 7, 2006. This recognition was awarded to Ms Kandic by the President of the Republic of Croatia Stjepan Mesic. She was recognised as an individual who, through her work and commitment, contributed to advancement of moral values.

Ms Kandic received the medal at the Croatian residence in Belgrade from H.E. Mr Tonci Stanicic, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Serbia, who noted that Natasa Kandic “is the first person to establish contact with the victims following armed conflicts and their horrors.” “She demonstrated to Croats as well as everyone else in the region that crimes have no nationality and that one can speak about the crimes committed by others only once they clean up their own back yard,” added Ambassador Stanicic.