Online screening of the documentary “Depth Two”

Online screening of the documentary “Depth Two”

Dubina dvaFrom Monday, December 7, to Friday, December 11, 2020, you can watch online the documentary “Depth Two” about a mass grave discovered in Batajnica in 2001, where the bodies of hundreds of Kosovo Albanians – civilians killed during the war in Kosovo – were found.

The film premiered in 2016 and is a combination of living testimonies and photographs of the places where these crimes took place 21 years ago. The author of the film is Ognjen Glavonić, and it was produced by Non-Aligned Films and the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC). The film is part of the initiative to establish a place of remembrance for the victims found in Batajnica.

To date, five mass graves have been found in Serbia – in Batajnica, Perućac, Petrovo Selo, Rudnica and Kiževak, with nearly a thousand bodies of Albanian civilians killed during the war in Kosovo. The last mass grave was discovered in November 2020 in the town of Kiževak, and exhumations of the found remains are currently in progress.

The HLC in its two Dossiers – The cover-up of evidence of crimes during the war in Kosovo: THE CONCEALMENT OF BODIES OPERATION and Rudnica – wrote about the existence of the mass graves, the responsibility of the political leadership and the participation of the Serbian army and police in hiding the bodies of Kosovo Albanians on Serbian territory.

You can watch the film “Depth Two” at the following link.