Lazar Stojanović has Passed Away

Lazar Stojanović has Passed Away

Lazar_StojanovicOn Saturday, March 4th, 2017, the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) was left without its long-lasting associate and friend, Film Director Lazar Stojanović.

Lazar’s contribution to the HLC’s mission was immeasurable. During all these past years, he selflessly put his many proficiencies at the service of establishing the truth about the crimes committed during the wars in the former Yugoslavia and achieving justice for victims. As the author of „The Scorpions- A Home Movie “, he helped inform the public about the participation of the notorious unit in the war in BiH and its involvement in the commission of the Srebrenica genocide. He invested his inexhaustible energy unstintingly in the Initiative for the establishment of RECOM, by leading the media campaign which followed the collection of support signatures for establishing this body, and by demanding that government representatives be dedicated to the building of a regional peace.

In numerous public appearances, he spoke openly about the necessity for the Serbian society to deal with its responsibility for crimes committed in our name against members of other nations during the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Lazar always went one step further, and tirelessly called for the representatives of institutions to give up the policy of denying facts and manipulation of victims.

We, who worked with him and learned from him, remain witnesses to his wit, eloquence and erudition, which embellished even the exchange of opinions in which he was always eager to participate.