Serbian Documentary “Depth Two” Awarded Prize for Best Film at Festival dei Popoli in Florence

Serbian Documentary “Depth Two” Awarded Prize for Best Film at Festival dei Popoli in Florence

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The Serbian Documentary film “Depth Two” by Director Ognjen Glavonić won the Award for Best Documentary Film at the 57th Documentary Film Festival dei Popoli in Florence.

Festival dei Popoli is the oldest and most important documentary film festival in Italy. It was held this year from November 25th until December 2nd in Florence, and “Depth Two” won the Award for the Best feature-length Documentary in the official international competition, which is the greatest prize this Festival offers.

The Jury explained that “Depth Two” film received the award because in “the articulation between images and story, we dive into the mechanism of a massacre and perceive how these mechanisms can occur, always, and everywhere. A powerful cinematographic writing, an outstanding piece of art, a document on our recent history, a film where we learn about ourselves.”

Like a journey against the stream, the film “Depth Two” reveals a dramatic episode in a recent and not very distant war. Calm voices, emotionless, tell about the ethnic cleansing operations, mass murders and executions in which they were involved. They are audio-tracks recorded at the Tribunal.

Using a combination of these live testimonies and present-day footage of the locations where the crimes happened, this experimental documentary about a mass grave in a suburb of Belgrade directly appeals to the perception, imagination and emotions of the spectator. The film represents an expression of resistance to oblivion – a resistance nurtured by the attempt to reveal, clarify and give voice to the stories which are still being buried in silence.
The film “Depth Two” had its world premiere in February of this year at the Berlin Film Festival, and since that moment it has been screened at 30 festivals around the world and has won 11 awards. The Film won the Grand Prix at festivals in Saint Petersburg, London, Palma de Majorca, Kassel, Prizren and Florence. During the forthcoming period, the film will be screened at the festivals in Goa (India), Teheran (Iran), San Cristobal (Mexico), and New York (USA).

“Depth Two” is a feature-length documentary directed by Ognjen Glavonić, who is also the author of  “Živan Makes a Punk Festival”. Glavonić is currently engaged in the pre-production of a feature movie called “The Load”, which is supported by the French National Film Centre CNC, Dutch Hubert Bals Fund, Swiss Visions Sud Est, Croatian Audio-Visual Centre, Vojvodina Province Secretariat for Culture and the European Eurimages Fund for Coproduction.

Taken from Blic Website