Regional Transitional Justice School Journal

Regional Transitional Justice School Journal

zbornik2The Regional Transitional Justice School Journal is a product of the Regional School for Transitional Justice, organised by the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), the Lawyers’ Association from Sarajevo and  HLC Kosovo, with the support of the British Embassy in Belgrade.

The first issue of the Journal is a collection of essays authored by Regional Transitional Justice School students, in which they have addressed topics such as the memorialisation policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the exercise of victims’ right to reparation in that country, non-judicial fact-finding mechanisms established in post-Yugoslav countries,  war crimes trials before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Kosovo courts, the contents of history textbooks in BiH and Serbia and the role of the media in transitional justice processes. The authors are politicologists, communications specialists, lawyers, philosophers et al. Some of them are civil society activists, some work as teaching assistants or associates at universities in their respective countries, and some are long-time advisors with international organizations working on transitional justice issues, among other things.

The Regional Transitional Justice School is a ten-day informal educational programme about dealing with the past and transitional justice strategies. The participants in the programme examine topics such as non-judicial fact-finding mechanisms for investigating past crimes; judicial proceedings before the ICTY; the right of victims of human rights violations to reparation; institutional reforms; ways in which archives, the media and the arts can contribute to establishing  truth and responsibility; the culture and conflict of memories; and the reconciliation process in post-conflict societies.

You can see the Regional Transitional Justice School Journal here.