Criminal complaint for crimes against three Albanian civilians in May 1999

On 4 June 2013, the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) filed a criminal complaint with the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor against several members of the Yugoslav Army (VJ) for a war crime against civilians committed on 12 May 1999 at Savine Vode (Peć/Pejë municipality).

The complaint is based on the reasonable suspicion that two identified and four as yet unidentified members of the VJ killed, at Savine Vode, an area close to the border with Montenegro, two elderly Albanian civilian men, who were moving together with their family members in a column of Albanian refugees towards the border crossing point with Montenegro. After killing the two men, members of the VJ forcibly took away from the column a 21-year-old girl, whose fate remains unknown to date.

In May 1999, members of Serb forces killed 219 Albanian civilians (including 42 women and 12 underage persons) in the municipality of Peć/Pejë. 30 of them are still unaccounted for.