FHP-LV-0027 FUND: Court files, from trials of members of paramilitary formations and JNA soldiers, for Crimes Committed Against Civilians in Lovas

PERIOD: 2008-2012.

PRIMARY SOURCE:  War Crimes Chamber of Belgrade District Court.

VOLUME AND MEDIUM:  13 archival boxes.

CONTENT: Documents containing transcripts from the trials of Ljuban Devetak, Milan Devčić, Milan Radojčić and Željko Krnjajić, members of  Territorial Defence and the de facto  civilian and military government established in the Municipalities of Lovas and Tovarnik, as well as transcripts from the trials of Jovan Dimitrijević, Saša Stojanović, Dragan Bačić, Zoran Kosijer and Aleksandar Nikolaidis, members of the Dusan the Mighty volunteer armed group, and of members of  Territorial Defence units from Valjevo, Miodrag Dimitrijević, Darko Perić, Radovan Vlajković and Radislav Josipović, who launched an attack against the civilian population of Croatian nationality in Lovas in 1992.

ORGANIZATION SYSTEM:  Chronologically.

The fund is not expected to expand.

LANGUAGE:  Serbian.