The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly adopted the Resolution entitled “Reconciliation and political dialogue between the countries of the former Yugoslavia”

On January 26, 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly adopted the Resolution 1786 (2011) expressing the support for endeavours in the countries of the former Yugoslavia aimed at achieving reconciliation and establishing new relations between the countries, praising their commitment to the regional cooperation and willingness to overcome the legacy of the past.

The Resolution particularly highlighted the support for an initiative of non-governmental organizations from the successor countries of the former Yugoslavia for establishing a Regional Commission for Establishing Facts About War Crimes on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia (RECOM), which has a goal to respect and recognize all victims.

The Resolution followed a report created by the Council of Europe Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs rapporteur, Mr. Pietro Marcenaro, who, during the Assembly session held on January 26, 2011, called on all countries in the region of the former Yugoslavia to participate in the establishing of RECOM, regardless of their status, so that this commission could accomplish the function of full reconciliation and recognition of all victims.

President of the Republic of Serbia, Boris Tadić, who was a guest at the Parliamentary Assembly session on January 26, 2011, once again expressed his support for the establishment of RECOM and his strong belief that the reconciliation policy won support in the region.

Nataša Kandić spoke before the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs on January 26, 2011 about the development of the RECOM Initiative, pointing to the fact that the RECOM initiative has a future as an inter-governmental project, with a strong support of civil societies in countries successors of the former Yugoslavia.

The Resolution