Closing arguments in the Suva Reka war crimes trial

The trial for the war crime committed in Suva Reka in March 1999 when 50 Albanians civilians were killed came to its end on April 6, following closing arguments given by the Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Mioljub Vitorović and victims’ legal representative Nataša Kandić. On trial for this crime are former commandant of the 37th Special Police Unit battalion Radoslav Mitrović, commander of the Suva Reka police station Radojko Repanović, and five police officers.

The presentation of closing arguments was attended by five members of the Berisha family as well as media representatives from Kosovo (Radio Koha Ditore, TV Klan, Koha Ditore, and Suva Reka radio station).

The judgment by the War Crimes Trial Chamber of the Belgrade District Court will be handed down at 13:00 on April 23, 1999.