Assault at Pescanik

We express our concern and strong protest against yet another attempt to choke liberal thought manifested in the latest assault at Pescanik /Hourglass/ – interference in radio waves of B92 airing the Pescanik talk show and sabotage of the production’s website.

At the same time, the serious incident involving the car of one of the show’s authors testifies of ruthlessness and readiness to physically threaten personal safety of the people whose stands differ the mainstream. This is not only about violation of the freedom of expression but also about well-planned suppression of the support to pro-European orientation of the Serb society.

At the time of Serbia’s stalled movement towards Brussels, the Pescanik case is not just an isolated incident – it is a part of a larger strategy for Serbia’s total isolation.

We demand relevant state institutions to take all necessary measures to track down all perpetrators and bring them before justice.

We remind relevant institution of their constitutional duty to protect property and personal safety of all citizens without exception – we remind them of the constitutional provision that is constantly questioned in the case of Svetlana Lukic and Svetlana Vukovic.

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM
Women in Black
Center for Cultural Decontamination – CZKD
Humanitarian Law Center
Citizen Initiatives