HLC Presentation of the register of killed or missing persons in Suva Reka/Suharrekë

On April 18th, 2009, the Kosovo office of the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC Kosovo) held the first presentation of the 1998-1999 register of killed and missing persons in Kosovo in Suva reka/Suharrekë. The presentation of a tentative register of killed and missing persons from the Municipality of Suva Reka/Suharrekë was attended by more than 70 family members of the victims.


In his opening speech, Sali Asllani, the mayor Suva Reka/Suharrekë, supported the HLC’s initiative and the work of its executive director, Nataša Kandić.

The executive director of HLC spoke about the creation of the database on killed and missing persons, as well as the assistance received from Hysni Berishe, the Shpresimi association of families of missing persons and others for this project, and how important it is to gather fully accurate data.


“No one in the world has ever made a list of victims by names”, said Nataša Kandić. “It is always left for families and associations of victims to compile books, monographs, but no one has ever made an exhaustive list of victims, those who died or disappeared. It is very important for victims’ families to know that there exists a written record, but it is even more important to keep this memory alive for future generations”.

After the presentation, the family members checked the data in the HLC database regarding their loved ones.

Please go to the link below to download a complete presentation of killed and missing persons from the Municipality of Suva Reka/Suharrekë (in Serbian).